If you are an independent financial advisor, a professional wealth manager or an institutional financial intermediary, Unifi Capital is ideally placed to help you successfully manage your client’s equity investments.

As an affiliate, you can leverage the advantage of our comprehensive range of niche investment strategies that can be matched with your client’s risk-return expectations. Over the years, our funds have consistently outperformed their respective benchmarks and offered superior risk-adjusted returns. Our in-house research team and rigorous compliance standards ensure stable returns and protection of your client’s investments.

At Unifi, our Relationship Managers are skilled in managing intermediary accounts and have successfully deployed funds for several institutional intermediaries in India and overseas. Our Relationship Managers work closely with you to understand your client’s investment considerations and risk profiles, thereby, helping you select the best investment strategy based on your client’s return objectives. We offer our affiliates access to high quality research, and conduct periodic portfolio reviews of client accounts to provide a comprehensive insight into our investment perspectives and return expectations.

Unifi’s extensive experience in Fund Management, developed over years of successfully managing investments for several high networth relationships ensures you:

  • Access to Unifi’s niche investment strategies that have consistently outperformed benchmark

  • Complete portfolio transparency and accountability for investment performance

  • State-of-the-art Risk Management and Operational Compliance standards

  • Ongoing support in client acquisitions and portfolio reviews

  • Access to high quality research, and

  • Continuity of relationships

At Unifi, we employ a high-watermark performance benchmark and offer our affiliates a rewarding revenue sharing arrangement, determined by the returns earned on their client’s portfolio. To find out more about our Portfolio Management Services for affiliates, please contact us.