Client Reporting And Review Process

The essence of portfolio management is that, it is a service that seeks to hand hold the client through his investment journey. If this is done effectively the probability of the client seeing through the market’s volatility can be significantly enhanced, thereby improving his investment return outcomes. Unifi is structured to deliver on this service commitment. Client interaction and account reviews are critical to our overall process of building and sustaining a relationship with our customers. Unifi’s senior team meet customers both as individuals and in groups for investment reviews.


Ongoing customer service process

Our approach ensures ease of access and complete accountability, by assigning each customer to a qualified and experienced Relationship Manager (RM). The Relationship Manager co-ordinates internally to address any customer requirements while focusing on exceeding service expectations of our clients. For clients who have been introduced by business partners (ie. a wealth manager or an investment advisor) we request the client and his advisor to include Unifi in their review process for the portion of capital allocated to us. Unifi’s RMs have a proven track-record in the capital markets and are capable of offering thoughtful advice, in line with Unifi’s market view and investment philosophy. While the RM is accountable on a day-to-day basis, the CEO retains overall accountability and is available to assist in any situation. RMs are assisted by a team of experienced analysts and operations personnel.

Portfolio performance review

At Unifi, typically, a quarterly or bi-annual review of performance can be scheduled by the client with their respective RM. In a 1 to 1 review meeting, Unifi’s RM prepares a customised document presenting details of the performance year to date and from inception. Significant transactions and exposures are discussed in depth.

The RM presents Unifi’s view of the market conditions and the plan for the coming quarters. Client feedback and guidance is sought and factored into the account management. Any specific requests by a client are recorded and handled by the RM. If a client is located overseas, the review meeting is held via audio conference. Unifi believes that nothing can replace human contact, and strives to conduct in-person meetings to the extent feasible. If the RM concerned is busy he will assign a competent Unifi resource to hold the review meeting with the client.

Unifi interacts with clients who have been introduced by the Advisors as well.  Meetings can be arranged in co-ordination with the clients’ Advisor, subject to the Advisor’s policy. For clients who are too busy for individual meetings, Unifi holds a bi-annual group meeting, typically after office hours in a centrally located facility in Mumbai. The entire Fund Management team is present and makes a detailed presentation with enough time for follow on, 1 to 1 discussion with specific clients and stock level discussions. This meeting is webcast live to facilitate clients in other cities to participate and interact effectively.


Unifi’s back office is equipped with the latest Portfolio Management technology and processes to handle accounting, settlement, custody and reporting in a totally secure and confidential environment. The PMS system is equipped to provide 100% up-to-date statements to clients at the end of each working day. Unifi’s research team updates detailed notes on each investment onto a custom built on-line repository. Access to this internal database helps RMs provide clear and upto-date responses to clients. We do not provide emails or printouts of internal notes on our investments to clients.

MIS is sent by email on a monthly basis to all the clients.   A Half Yearly report containing bank details, transactions conducted and securities custody statements, along with a comprehensive and updated account performance report is sent to clients.

A comprehensive statement of transactions, gains segregated into short & long term, other incomes & expenses is emailed on a quarterly basis to enable computation & payment of Advance tax.


All client accounts are audited annually by a reputed firms of accountants.  An audit certificate along with detailed financial statements is provided to the client by the Auditor.


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