Client Reporting And Review Process

The essence of portfolio management is that, it is a service that seeks to hand hold the client through his investment journey. If this is done effectively the probability of the client seeing through the market’s volatility can be significantly enhanced, thereby improving his investment return outcomes. Unifi is structured to deliver on this service commitment. Client interaction and account reviews are critical to our overall process of building and sustaining a relationship with our customers. Unifi’s senior team meet customers both as individuals and in groups for investment reviews.


Portfolio performance review

At Unifi, we have multiple modes for interacting with our clients for periodic portfolio performance reviews.  In addition to the multiple interactions that we have with our clients across the year, the following formal structured reviews are conducted.

Portfolio Performance Review -Webinar

Periodic webinars are hosted for which clients are invited to participate.  Investment philosophy, market outlook and fund performance are discussed in depth.  The entire Fund Management team is present and each manager makes a detailed presentation of the approach he handles. This meeting is webcast live to facilitate clients to participate on real-time basis and interact effectively.  These discussions are followed by a detailed Q&A session.  The links of the webinar recording are also sent to our clients for them to watch at their convenience.  Clients can also seek review/clarifications with their assigned Relationship Manager (RM) in relation to their investments .

One-on-one Portfolio Review

Clients can reach out to RMs for a one-on-one periodic review for their investments.  In these reviews, the RM presents Unifi’s view of the market conditions, client’s portfolio performance and the plan for the coming quarters. Client feedback and guidance is sought and factored into the account management. Any specific requests by a client are recorded and handled by the RM. Unifi believes that nothing can replace human contact and strives to conduct in-person meetings to the extent feasible.

Unifi interacts with clients who have been introduced by the Advisors as well if required.  Meetings can be arranged in co-ordination with the clients’ Advisor, subject to the Advisor’s policy.


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