Unifi India Fund


Fund Philosophy

We believe that our size and resources allow us to build a very concentrated portfolio that focuses on previously undiscovered sectors that have reached an inflection point and will generate superior absolute long-term returns.

Investment Process

Portfolio Structure

We would focus on opportunities that have been largely un-discovered or ignored, and currently at an inflection point. Atleast 50% of our portfolio would be invested in companies with market cap of above US$1bn in order to ensure adequate liquidityas well as benchmark with the MSCI India Index. The portfolio will largely be drawn from the holdings of our 7 thematic strategies; these holdings have been througha thorough diligence and are under constant monitoring.Our broad objective to select the best of our best ideas. This will be a concentrated portfolio of 10-15 companies with a portfolio weight of 2.5%-10% for each company.Single sector exposure will not exceed 30%.