Investment Approach

Unifi’s investment approaches are designed to offer superior risk adjusted returns and can be mapped to the risk-return expectations of clients. Please watch this video series by our founder to understand the genesis of the company, competitive advantage, investing style, absolute value orientation, approach to risk, consistency definition and last but not the least, our people.

1. What was your motivation in setting up Unifi ?

2. What is Unifi’s competitive advantage ?

3. Is Unifi a Value or Growth oriented investor ?

4. Could you explain what you mean by saying, Unifi is Absolute value oriented ? How does it help your clients ?

5. How do you assess Risk and control it ?

6. In equity, one has to be prepared for negative returns during some years. What does Unifi mean by Consistency of returns ?

7. What is your take on your People and work culture ?

SEBI Registration Number

PMS   -   INP000000613
Unifi AIF - High Yield Fund   -   IN/AIF3/12-13/0026
Unifi AIF 2 - The Green Fund   -   IN/AIF3/17-18/0327
Unifi Blend Fund   -   IN/AIF3/18-19/0590
Unifi Umbrella Fund - Blend 2 Scheme   -   IN/AIF3/21-22/0872
NSE CM   )  
F&O   )  
CD   )   INZ000246334
BSE CM   )  
MCX-SX CM   )  
F&O   )  
CDSL   -   IN-DP-18-2015