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July 2017: Business Standard - Shareholder activism at Alembic Pharma: Issue unlikely to die in a hurry

Alembic’s board on Friday rejected the request by Unifi Capital to appoint Murali Rajagopalachari as a director for small shareholders but experts said it might write to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) on the issue. Some experts said the group of small shareholders might move the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) as a last resort. Unifi Capital said it was studying its options in response to Alembic's decision to reject its proposal.
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July 2017: Times on India - Small shareholders rise in Alembic

The Vadodara-based company's small shareholders are lining up under the banner of activist asset manager Unifi Capital, which has just under 3% stake and is among the top three non-promoter shareholder blocks in Alembic. Unifi has called for steps to mitigate 70% discount in the stock price of Alembic compared to the company's main underlying asset, Alembic Pharma, which has a Rs 10,000-crore market value.

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Mar 2017:The Hindu Business line - Beyond conventional investments

For well-heeled investors who want something more, alternative investments are an option. But only if they are game for risk Falling interest rates, lacklustre returns from property, limitations in holding gold all these are nudging investors towards shifting their asset choices. Sophisticated investors are looking at options beyond the usual picks such as debt or equity mutual funds and direct equity investments.

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Jan 2017:The Times of India Article - Slum Soccer and Unifi adopts tenement in Mylapore

Children living in slums dribble during a football match at Mylapore on Monday. It is part of a tournament sponsored by Unifi Foundation and Slum Soccer, an NGO which trains the kids, gives them uniforms and healthy snacks and conducts special motivations camps.

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Jan 2017:The Hindu Article - Slum Soccer and Unifi adopts tenement in Mylapore

The environs of Ekambaram Colony in Mylapore cannot be, by any stretch of imagination, termed conducive for children to pursue any kind of sporting activity. Residents of the slum board tenement, which is bordered by the compound wall of the Chennai Corporation dumping yard and the Buckingham Canal, suffer owing to space constraints and poor civic amenities.

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Nov 2016:Live Mint Article - Clean Disruption-How Green Trends Are Changing Businesses by Mr. Tony Seba-Part 2

To win, car makers need to focus on making ‘computers on wheels’: Tony Seba Electric vehicles, self-driving cars and car sharing are reaching a tipping point. The role of the regulator now is to get out of the way like it did in telecom in India and let the market make it happen

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Nov 2016: Live Mint Article - Clean Disruption-How Green Trends Are Changing Businesses by Mr. Tony Seba -Part 1

In the past decade-and-a-half, solar energy has evolved and is now emerging as a major force of disruption in the energy sector globally. Tony Seba, thought leader, author and an expert in the clean energy and transportation space, points to the fact that solar is the cheapest source of electricity right now, its penetration in the residential and commercial sector is high in many Western countries and it is already forcing a rethink for the central utilities-based power generation model.

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Dec 2012: The Times of India: Sell the losers, but not just to save tax

At times, people are faced with a situation when they suddenly need some funds quickly, either for a wedding in the family or for some business requirements, and are forced to sell some stocks.

As an investor you look through your portfolio, and find some are winners worth more than their cost of acquisition but some are losers.

Say you hold Stock A and Stock B. Stock A is a winner, currently in profit, and Stock B a loser, worth a lot less than your price. Prices of both have been stable in the recent weeks. Which stock are you more likely to sell?

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Jan 2012: Hindu Business Line: Fallout of direct market access to foreigners

One of the objectives of the Qualified Foreign Investors regulation is to reduce volatility in the market. QFIs may, in fact, add to it.

The Government has recently allowed Qualified Foreign Investors (QFIs) to invest directly in the Indian equity market. The proposed new investment route is aimed at providing the much-needed stimulus and to improve the sentiment in our market.

Currently, investing through the FII or a sub account is the only means for foreign individuals or institutions to invest in India.

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Jan 2012: Hindu Business Line: A slice of India s future at a marked down price

A slice of India's future at marked down price

When the global equity markets crashed in 2008 following the Lehman collapse Warren Buffett wrote an Op-Ed in a leading national daily in US, New York Times with the title “Buy American, I Am”. He wrote this on October 16, 2008 when Dow and S&P hit a decade low with an advice to buy. While the indices continued to drop further for the next few months, they delivered more than 50 per cent returns over the next 2 years. Had Buffet been investing in the Indian equities market, this is probably what he would have written today.

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Oct 2011: Hindu Business Line: We exploit opportunities that larger managers don t

'We exploit opportunities that larger managers don't'

Shadowing company insiders for cues, betting on upcoming open offers and identifying delisting candidates – these are some of the offbeat strategies employed by Unifi Capital, a specialized discretionary Portfolio Management firm based out of Chennai. The company’s Executive Director, Mr. G. Maran, talks to Business Line about how a compact size has helped Unifi unearth opportunities in low-profile stocks to make good money for its investors.

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April 2011: Economic Times: Fund tracking Insider Trading beats market

A fund for wealthy individuals tracking insider transactions has outperformed the market and has shown that such deals are an indication of a potential merger and acquisition event in some companies.

Insider Shadow Fund of the Chennai based Unifi Capital, which buys into companies where insiders have traded, has returned double that of the benchmark since it was launched in June 2010. It has invested in shares of companies such as SmartLink Systems, drug maker Alembic and Triveni Engineering that either sold off, or spun off divisions.

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Feb 2011: Financial Express: Unifi rolls out SpinOff Fund

Chennai based portfolio management company Unifi Capital has come out with its latest fund, the India SpinOff Fund, dedicated exclusively to investments into corporate spinoffs and demergers.

Unifi expects to raise close to Rs. 200 crore through the fund and will build a portfolio of 8-12 companies, said K Sarath Reddy, founder and CIO, Unifi Capital. The company has identified 15 cases of demergers under process, out of which five have been shortlisted for potential investments.

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Feb 2011: Financial Chronicle: Unifi s PMS for HNIs to cash in on company spin-offs, demergers

Looking to benefit from company spinoffs and demergers, but feel wary of the lack of information? Now a unique first of its kind portfolio management scheme launched by Chennai based Unifi Capital, seeks to provide capital appreciation by investing in companies under going spin-offs and demergers.

Unifi Capital manages funds for wealthy individuals, corporate heads and successful entrepreneurs. Unifi Capital is not a Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) - registered mutual fund, but it has a PMS registration with the capital market regulator.

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Jan 2011: The Times of India: The Winning Edge

The Winning Hedge

The meeting room at Unifi Capital, like the rest of its office is functional and unfussy. What stands out is a framed Rs. 1000 note with a famous autograph – that of Warren Buffett, arguably the greatest investor of all time. K Sarath Reddy, the founder and chief investment officer of Unifi, tells us about how one of his colleagues waited in line behind Bill and Melinda Gates at an annual shareholders’ meet of Berkshire Hathaway to get Buffett’s signature.

Reddy is clearly a Buffett fan. So it’s easy to understand why he thinks he has a long way to go even though his firm is listed fourth among Asia’s top hedge funds by Barclays.

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