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The idea of a vibrant Green economy, brought about by the looming threat of climate change, has been identified as a key theme that we currently believe will transform industries and create enormous opportunities for investors. 


“Green investments refer broadly to companies that operate primarily in the renewable energy, clean technology and environmental technology space. These would include companies that provide products and services offering solutions to environmental problems or that improve the efficiency of natural resource use.


Investment Strategy


The Fund will focus on investing in companies which would provide the support infrastructure for a “Green Economy” This would include manufacturers/producers of renewable energy systems , organic chemicals, emission control products, energy efficiency products, water & waste management solutions. As this is an evolving theme newer business models are expected to develop during the course of time. Unifi’s key strength has been its ability to identify the next generation of winners from the small and midcap space. In continuation of this strategy Unifi would primarily focus in the small and midcap space to identify companies which fit into the Green theme. 




The Universe of Companies would be broadly selected from the following sectors:


1. Renewable & Alternative energy

2. Energy efficiency

3. Water infrastructure & technologies

4. Pollution reduction

5. Waste recycling and management

6. Environmental support services

7. Green Chemicals


These sectors are only indicative of our current thinking and it is entirely possible that as our research progresses we might look at companies beyond these sectors. But in all cases the Green theme would be the underlying basis for selection.




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