Client Reporting and Review Process

Ongoing Relationship Management

At Unifi, we place the utmost importance in effectively managing our client relationships. Our Relationship Management approach ensures ease of access and complete accountability, by assigning each customer to a highly qualified and experienced Relationship Manager (RM).

The Relationship Manager co-ordinates internally to address any customer requirements while focusing on exceeding service expectations of our clients. Unifi’s RMs have a proven track-record in the capital markets and are capable of offering experienced advice, in line with Unifi’s market view and investment philosophy. While the RM is accountable on a day-to-day basis, the CEO retains overall accountability and is available to assist in any situation.


Unifi’s back office is equipped with the latest Portfolio Management technology and processes to handle accounting, settlement, custody and reporting in a totally secure and confidential environment. The PMS system is equipped to provide 100% up-to-date statements to clients at the end of each working day.

A monthly report containing bank details, transactions conducted and securities custody statements, along with a comprehensive and updated account performance report is sent to clients at the end of each month.


Unifi is equipped to provide all relevant investment related information to an accredited chartered accountant identified by the client and can also ensure that the client’s tax returns are filed each year. For Overseas Indians (NRIs), Unifi and the designated bank for Portfolio Management take the full responsibility of complying with regulations issued by the Reserve Bank of India regarding reporting and withholding of tax. Tax refunds, if any, will be followed up by Unifi and collected on behalf of the client.


All client accounts are audited annually by one of India’s most reputed firm of accountants, K.S.Jagannathan & Co. An audit certificate along with detailed financial statements is provided to the client by K.S.Jagannathan & Co.

Performance Review

At Unifi, typically, a quarterly review of performance is scheduled between each client and their respective Relationship Managers. The RM presents details of the performance for the quarter and the year to date. Significant transactions and positions are discussed in depth.

The RM also presents Unifi’s view of the market conditions and the plan for the coming quarters. Client feedback and guidance is sought and factored into the account management. Any specific requests by a client are recorded and handled by the RM. If a client is located overseas, the review meeting is held via audio conference. Unifi believes that nothing can replace human contact, and strives to conduct in-person meetings to the extent feasible.


Unifi offers a wide range of customized investment solutions to help address a variety of situations. However, we continuously focus on:

  • Ensuring our services are personalized.
  • Leveraging the latest technology and best processes and practices to provide high quality service.
  • Decisions and advice based on research, never on hearsay and tips.
  • Safety of client’s capital and a low risk approach.


Unifi’s Portfolio Management platform ensures that there is absolutely no lock-in of a client’s funds. A client is free to redeem or add in part or whole from/to his account with Unifi. If a portion of funds are invested in an event that entails a 4/8 week cycle, then that portion of the funds will be on receipt.

Unifi’s Compensation

Unifi’s PMS compensation is based on two options that a client may choose from:

  • A flat management fee as agreed by the client will be charged proportionately on a monthly basis on the funds managed, (Or)
  • A performance based fee, computed as per a pre-agreed proportion of the profit earned over and above an predetermined threshold return.

For clients choosing the 2nd option, the returns and fees will be computed and charged at the end of one year, from the account's inception or as of 31st March (based on the customer's preference).

Profits/losses will be computed taking into account booked profits/losses plus mark to market gains minus mark to market losses minus expenses (Other than performance based fees). For the subsequent year, the base will be set to zero by transferring all open positions at the closing market prices as on 31st March.