• Unifi now has 75 people. 30% have completed over 10 Years & 25% have completed over 5 Years with the firm. Long term relationships within the firm have defined our philosophy and our capabilities; retaining learnings and research networks as well as providing clients the invaluable comfort of continuity.
  • Unifi is in the business of investing in under-researched listed equities; an asset class that requires the clients’ patience and conviction in both the stocks as well as the fund manager. Unifi is 100% employee owned. This empowers alignment of our compensation with the returns that we earn for our clients, reinforcing trust and creating sustainable value for both stakeholders.
  • For our team, we look for professionals who are driven by a passion for equities. A culture of high performance is supported with significant variable compensation and stock awards.
  • A glimpse of Life & times at UNIFI

" When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece "

— John Ruskin

SEBI Registration Number

PMS  -   INP000000613
NSE  -   CM: INB231159634
F&O: INF231159634
CDS: INE231159634
BSE   -   CM - INB011159630
CDSL  - IN-DP-CDSL-300-2005
CDSL  -  IN-DP-18-2015
Permanent Registration No.
AIF  -   IN/AIF3/12-13/0026
AIF2  -   IN/AIF3/17-18/0327