About Unifi
Unifi is a specialized Portfolio Management company with over 20 years of Fund Management expertise and over Rs.6000 Cr of assets under management.

Focused on value investing
Value investing to us begins with minimizing the downside and relying on earnings growth with capital efficiency to catalyze stock performance.

Absolute returns oriented
Our direct client engagement model provides flexibility to pursue unconventional investment strategies rather than simply benchmark with stock indices.

Often the best times to invest are when people don't want to. We have raised money precisely at such times. We don't launch funds often.

Performance oriented
Rather than simply gathering assets, we have closed our best performing funds to new investors, to avoid style drift and sustain exceptional returns.

Stable core team
We often invest in ideas that have no analyst coverage. Our experienced research team typically handle our own bottom up analysis.

Alignment of interest
We align our fees with client interest; we charge "after" we perform.